To me government should be about getting intellegent and caring people into positions of power. You are however not interested in political systems and won't or can't say what exactly will be changed. Politicians pretend to be caring, decent people so that they win voters. Maternal instinct is a red herring. So what is wrong in making it easier for women to get into power?. This so called typical division of labor among Neolitic and Paleolithic peoples are the biases of early archeological men. Follow Us: One advantage of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is its perceptive insight into human nature, a disadvantage is that the hierarchy fails to account for cultural or social differences between individuals. How badly does it have to get, before women like you wake up to the fact that men are doing a really terrible job in ruling our world. At the present moment with the mishandling of the world's financial system, with rising population, global warming and more and more wars people are getting fed up with our present system. How strong and cohesive is that community? This is not much different to the way stags, bulls and rams with big horns, charge each other every spring. The role models given to boys in comics, books and films are violent heros who wins the day by being better at violence than the villian. Collectivist nonsense that fails to treat human beings as individuals. This is also true of other sports where there is not a lot of difference in the way male kangaroos box each other and the way men fight in a boxing ring. List of the Disadvantages of a Monarchy 1. Something to think about maybe. I don't think saying that patriarchy is not so bad because we are still alive, is not exactly a vote confidence in male rule. Marriages is a union between two people that provides a sanction for the two partners. Price Stability Due To Competitiveness. In a broader sense it can also extend to moral authority, social privilege and control of property. "Five thousand years of history have shown that patriarchy is totally incapable of solving basic problems like warfare and poverty. And what makes you think that to do this women had everything given to them, do you foolishly think that men just opened the doors and embraced women who wanted a position in their dominated careers with open arms? Steve Andrews from Lisbon, Portugal on July 05, 2012: Lucy, who is it that invents and builds and uses weapons of mass destruction? "Men have the intellegence to be able to fly men to the moon, but is incapable of solving basic problems like warfare and poverty. Do they never receive any recognition nor a Nobel Prize? There is a reason why women are attracted to powerful, dominant, 'alpha' men. If a man and a women go to a businessman with a new invention, which one do you think will get more respect? But today, through democracy, it is now possible for a political party to gain power without the use of violence, so it would be possible for women to set up a Matriarchal political party or even take over existing political parties, Now, many feminists say that one sex shouldn't rule our world and men and women should share power equally. Deal with that or let the statement go. It's not a "male way". The reason for this is that women give birth to children and men don't. And again, you seem to blame men for all the bad things that have ever happened, without once realizing that the competitive push of men is what carried us from hunter-gatherer to agrarian to industrial to post industrial. I can understand why somepeople do not like what you have written and I think that is daown to the fact they are kind of scared of change. ("Sensible" decisions like going to war and committing genocide). To rectify this disparity, gender equality professionals do not advocate for a matriarchy or for radical actions like for women to stage coup d'etats. Then we all might have the humility to stand aside and allow women to rule instead. Don't you think that's crazy? By your own argument, you are less able to think than a woman. William Bond (author) from England on July 05, 2012: Thanks Bard, yes it is strange that men will spend trillions of dollars on advanced technology to create better weapons in which to kill people! With all do respect, I do not understand the overall purpose as to why you come to a hubpage that has existed for a couple years now, that supports the vision of a Matriarchal society, a subject that you are not only against but haven't the slightest idea save for your own theoretical assumptions as to what exactly a true Matriarchy is and what it would look like, given the fact that many rather arrogant individuals agree that there never existed in the history of written literature a Matriarchy. Then it should be obvious that we need to try and see if the other sex can do a better job in doing this. A world ruled by women, is far less likely to go to war.. Yes, it is very hard to push forward new ideas and inventions but men have a better chance at doing this than women, in a patriarchal society. You can safely say that over 99% of all violence committed in our world has been committed by men. William Bond (author) from England on August 16, 2011: I completely agree that we are all different, but the differences between men and women are far, far greater than the differences between different men or different women. You talked earlier about maternal instinct. It's been speculated that the elites imposed the matriarchal system on the serf class to weaken their social organization and more easily subjugate them. Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on December 08, 2015: I was in a pub in London's Stoke Newington which features a gallery of famous people who've lived there. Yes, you might get a few women join in with this insanity, but you are comparing millions of men with a handful of women. I strongly feel this a a really good way forward and really do hope this will happen as the govenments are making a terrible job at the moment. See my response above. They're not of course. As women have far less interest in war and violence than what men do. Poly means "many" and "andry" means "husbands". As a matter of fact, I do feel along with many other women who seek to pursue careers in science, philosophy, engineering, or even in the gaming industry, pressured to prove myself; I feel the dire need to innovate and invent not to distinguish myself from anyone else but to actually make a difference in this world, as both a role model to humanity and a spiritual being. William Bond (author) from England on June 19, 2012: I agree that in our present patriarchal world, the way to be successful is to be ruthless and extremely competitive. If anything needs to be taught to the electorate, it's more skepticism towards the media and what politicians tell them (and towards writing like yours). All the matriarchal societies of the Neolithic age had men. Most male animals tend to fight each other for power and access to females, and evolutionists tell us this is a good thing, as the strongest male gets to pass on his genes to the next generation. You don't even notice when you're contradicting yourself. William Bond (author) from England on August 12, 2011: There are men out there murdering defenceless protestors on the streets Syria. Where on earth did I say that? People tend to believe too much of what their being told and its a pity because then, when the truth comes out everyone becomes blind to it and then chooses the lie over the truth. He was the one with the last name and the sword, so it was all him. We have come a long way from living in caves without law or democracy. They started limiting them to stay at home and nurture the young ones. Wrong. The biggest and strongest stag gets to mate with most of the females and those who are not strong enough, never get the chance to mate. However, I don't understand what you may be gaining here by persistantly arguing with people whom you will never agree with and who will also never agree with you in return, I mean, do you love being in needless conflict with individuals who's views of the world are different from yours? What became of her? Your learning curve has no upward angle whatsoever. I mean, what would you change about the current democratic system of the Western developed countries? Yes, many black women are able to speak up for themselves and fight back when physically attacked. Show me any woman who has solved such problems and it's not like there haven't been any female political leaders who had the chance. Flexibility & Scalability; Regulatory Compliance. But it is still mostly black men who are the leaders of the black community. William Bond (author) from England on July 03, 2012: Hi Lucy, yes, clearly I must be dogmatic, because I don't share your beliefs. What when you get arrested because you're deemed "potentially violent" because you're a man? Do you even realize what you just said? It is, in fact, driven in large part by women, because women drive 80% of consumer spending. If you can't see any of that, well, there's not a whole lot more to say. Would make sense, due to the fact that you seem too busy shoving your BS down Wabond's throat to no avail I might add. So why are we continuing with a system that clearly does not work? Apprehension would be a serious handicap in a leadership, and sensitivity connotes a thin skin, which would at best, hinder those who are sensitive from overcoming obstacles on the path to leadership. The human male is very similar but fight each other with spears, swords, rifles, machine guns, bombs and rockets. A minority of women in politics is not evidence that they have a harder time. Men are leaders; each time more than 3 of us get together, we practice posturing and determining who's in charge, who's the best leader. I could go on, I could fill a whole book up with the names of despotic male rulers, murders, serial killers and acts of genocide. If there is such a thing as collective guilt, then there should be collective kudos, no? In the past the people who got into power were the most successful warlords. "people do a really terrible job in ruling our world". It is too bad that like pedophiles these monsters are freed to walk among us! " William Bond (author) from England on August 21, 2011: As I have previously pointed out, matriarchy cannot get into power through a bloody revolution or through conquest. Once more, I did not say men and women are the same. It includes transferring the name, power, and authority towards the son. that all are equal before the law), necessarily produces contradictions. Animals do have a family like humans. 1. That sounds like a perfect Orwellian nightmare. ScaleupAlly . Moreover, most men who seek to invent or innovate are not "given" the tools, money, education and encouragement to do this. War and genocide has been commonplace in patriarchal history. It is dustproof and waterproof and can be recycled. you need to go and learn about wild animals then you will see the differences between males and females. In Matriarchy, children will take the name of their mother. "Again if we look at the animal kingdom, we find every spring animals like stags, bull and rams fighting each other for dominance and access to females. But women are likewise motivated by their maternal instinct. This may be all right for animals to behave like this but can be a disaster when human males have the same instincts. A matriarchal government will not only have to take control of the government, but also the media, the military, the business and financial worlds. Tell me, do you think that a woman who falsely tells two drunk men in a bar that another man in that bar raped herdo you believe she is an instigator of violence, when those two men beat the falsely accused man to death? On the other hand, patriarchy is a strong advocate of materialism. May give you the opportunity to feel better in the short run. In human females this instinct has to be stronger than most other mammals because the human child is far more helpless than any other mammal, and takes far longer to mature. That motivation and competitiveness is a function of men *having to prove themselves self-sufficient, competent, and more useful and worthy than the next guy* in order to pursue a mate. When you see the mess the world is in, with men ruling our world. The family will also be better off because the man will do a better job of providing for the family. For instance many men have attempted to create equal societies with socialism and communism but totally failed because their competitive instincts got in the way of this. But, circumstances started to change when males started to subjugate and suppress women. Multiculturalism can provide us with a variety of different foods. William Bond (author) from England on July 15, 2012: Hi Girlwriteswhat, I agree with you that patriarchy was created when patriarchal tribes conquered the peaceful matriarchal Neolithic civilizations. If all men realise they do a terrible job of ruling our world, and are ashamed of how we have messed up the world. Certainly no man would do this. Weve been through all this before. I mean, I would ferociously attack those who steal the work of others due to their lack of dignity and respect for those who were truly responsible for such accomplishments! Wars have nothing to do with the sex of the people in power. You may be able to impress your friends. Yes, even the opinions of the respectible white/blue collor man, the corrupt politition, the outspoken woman on Jerry Springer who gets the audiences vote before her victim even hits the stage. Or will you 'forget' it and misquote me in a few days time anyway? Related: The desi dad syndrome that every middle-class kid can relate to. I think it is down to people not thinking and knowing about it, I certainly had never really thought about this until i came across one of your hubs - which I am really grateful that I did as it has really opened my eyes alot! When i talk about brainwashing what i mean is that i find it really incredible that men have ruled our world for thousands of years and in that time we have wars, genicide and poverty, but you tell me that it may not have nothing to do with male rule!? The reason would be to do with our basic instincts. But as i have also pointed out the it the type of people in power that is far more important than the system they use. Go back to school. The public will also have to be re-educated to want to vote for geniune caring and nuturing women. People vote the most convincing actor or actress. In a monarchy, both would be expected. Any rational woman would seek to avoid that sort of outcome yet regardless, women have always taken the brunt of brutality from men and the culturally patriarchal encouragement of their own disposability, indeed women supported it, but they damn well didn't create it, hierarchal culture as well as firmly constructed gender roles have been defended by patriarchal men for centuries, any woman who dared to question suffered extreme consequences. Men are far more brutal and violent because of their competitive and aggressive instincts. You need to look at what is happening to the world without the patriarchal blindfold. Again if we look at the animal kingdom, we find every spring animals like stags, bull and rams fighting each other for dominance and access to females. Every society incorporates some basic components in its system of reckoning kinship: family, marriage, postmarital residence, rules that prohibit sexual relations (and therefore . 2. Matriarchal societies are consciously built upon these maternal values and motherly work, and this is why they are much more realistic than patriarchies. Men may have invented weapons, but women *still* don't tend to invent much at all. Youre shifting goalposts now. Patriarchal societies are traditionally male-dominated, while matriarchal societies are female-dominated. But women do have brains, and are capable of outsmarting men. Women have had equal access to education for the last half century. I'm glad there are people like you in this world! So you added that, well things have gotten so messed up it's time we tried something else. In other words, all the resources provided by nature are for exploitation. These women are amazing, and to think I never knew of them before they are an inspiration to me. Patriarchy and matriarchal societies both have male heads of state or religious leaders. I never said. Tell me, should I bother going over what I said yet again? She just made a demand of her husband, made it a condition of her continued love and respect, and benefitted from the result. I believe a Matriarchal-Egalitarian society could accomplish a great deal more progress than the patriarchal one in which we live. The only way we can have this proof is for women to start ruling countries. We see this from a very early age when little boys like to play with toy guns, cars and planes, while little girls like to play with dolls and prams. Women burst into that male-dominated scientific field without need for tools, money or encouragement. Back in medieval times they had the sport of jousting where two riders charge each other with long lancers on horseback. They are simply less likely to be motivated to overcome the hurdles involved, because over millennia, their reproductive success did not depend on their ability to self-differentiate from the collective in that way. And yes, boys and men clearly are NOT free to express themselves; if they were, they would be able to wear skirts and dresses in public without shame, and wear slightly revealing clothes and Speedoes without being tainted with the gay label. In simple words, this system is for the mothers of a family. But men do not have the option of aborting a child they don't want--their only option is to try to walk away.). This as well, should be supported by valid points, and the daily . The only way we can benefit from the nurturing instincts of women is to have exclusive female only political parties. It's not like she stripped that gold from the bodies of the slain. Unfortunately Rosalind Franklin died of cancer not long after her she finished her work on DNA. So are you saying that materiality is perfection? Advertisement. When a man kills his child, we put him in prison and call him a monster. They talk and act as if women's maternal instinct is something they need to overcome, if they want to compete against men. Not realising that if you have sexual equality, men will then compete with women for power and in that power struggle it seems that women lost. These are questions that need to be asked. She ultimately fell victim to the political jealousy which at the time prevailed, as she was blamed by the Christian community of Alexandria for Orestess, who was known to seek Hypatias counsel, unwillingness to reconcile with Cyril. No govement dominated by women will want to see children in the country they rule live in poverty and ignorance. What is the problem with Matriarchy? We live in a world of fear and hatred which can boil over into warfare at any time. They are objects, merely reacting to things that are done to them, with no volition or free will to choose a better way? All the team members can share their ideas and distribute . This change would be challenging the established doctrines of masculine dominance over women. You also seem to think that women only become violent when they are brutalized. It is patrairchal rule that is holding back human progress, our world can never become a better place while men continue to rule it. Here's another example of your blind faith ruining any hope for honest discussion: I suppose you think the allies should not have declared war on nazi Germany. It is said if all men stood up for their rights, who would stop us? I think you should stick to speaking for yourself. The only way we can change this, is to allow women to rule our world instead. I cannot believe that the men ruling our world are actually going to change and see the errors of their ways and become nicer people. This is only a tiny fraction of the accomplishments of human kind under what you call patriarchy. And how are boys who grow up in this anti-male atmosphere supposed to develop? Hi Mary Wednesday, I think the reason why you have more black men in prisons, is because most of them live in poverty. Then the answer is simple, allow women to rule our world instead. No patriarchy or matriarchy will fix that. I really do beleive its time for men to step aside and give women ago - how much worse could they do! And this is the reason why women lose out, simply because the average women is less aggressive and competitive than the average man. In the 50s, veterinary medicine was virtually 100% male. All patrairchal goverments teach men to be tough, ruthless and macho. Lack of economic support. How do you know they wouldn't be under female rule? Hey you, go take that group's stuff and give it to me so my kids will have a successful upbringing!". Do you honestly think that telling the men who rule our world that they are being sexist is going to change anything? The BBC also made some science shows about Jocelyn Bell and how she was denied a Nobel prize. If you believe you are less valuable than a woman, fine too. There is not a big problem with men competing with each other in sport, but it becomes a real problem when men compete on a battlefield with spears, swords, rifles, machine guns, field guns, flame throwers, aircraft, rockets and nuclear weapons. Then I'm happy to change my position. Related: Superwomen breaking the myths and handed-down opinions. Who invented the atom bomb? The Feminist idea that women need to learn to be as aggressive and competitive as men is nuts. I cannot understand you thinking my articles are full of hate!? This is not popular type and is uncivilized in many societies of the world. It gives prominence to women as compared to their male counterparts. Not like patriarchal governments who compete against the people for wealth and power. Men hate and fear other men from other countries, religions, social classes and ethic groups. "It is true some human men do help with caring for the young". Point is, not that your negative critcism is something we are ignoring nor aren't thinking about, its simply that this is a space for like minded people; we know perfectly well how the MRA movement views feminism and women in general, we poltiely do not agree with it and damn sure never will; however what will all this fighting and arguing bring us? Really? The men did the violence but the women encouraged,asked for, or exacerbated it. It is crazy to say men and women are the same. Matriarchs express their dominance in both competitive and cooperative situations. Men can be trained to become killers and this is what patrairchal goverments do to men. A business partnership may be one of the paths you've considered to help grow your business or to answer your current business needs. But patriarchal propaganda doesn't like to acknowledge this. You are advocating a major change in the political system because you believe it will be a huge improvement. More blatant sexism. You made the point about Hitler and the Nazis. it should be obvious that we need to try and see if the other sex can do a better job in doing this.. We live in an insane and brutal world because it is ruled by men who have an instinct to fight and compete with other men. If we look into the pros and cons of each system of governance, many factors need deep thinking. If not, here's another suggestion. The difference has started to become somewhat political. So you got it right on one count (patriarchy - social system that benefits PATRIARCHS), but wrong on the other (failing to mention that men don't need to be liberated from their restrictive, rigid gender role). It can't be done. I have to point out that history has been written by men from a male point of view. You can only provide anecdotal evidence for what you say, and completely ignore the overwhelming evidence of history. Such marriage practice has many positive outcomes. If you're not prepared to thank maleness on the whole for saving your life when that catscan detected an aneurysm, then you shouldn't be vilifying maleness on the whole for the vagaries of war. Hardly anyone would use violence as a calculated strategic method for achieving successful results. Speak your mind all you wish, but stop speaking other peoples minds. Yes, i agree women can be brutalised into becoming violent and vindictive. He has a hard time just being and enjoying. But, the tide started to shift towards male dominance. Matriarchy is not this perfect utopia, but it is a society that is based upon the well-being of all life on earth and is a vision worth striving for even if it brings me great suffering. after reading about this I have noticed that whenever there is a news report about any trouble or crime it is always a man who is to blame - very rarely a woman! I personally do not deem all men are violent. I think this discussion is done. The only way women can regain power is to convince both men and women that they would be better off, if women ruled our world. It is always men that are the most violent criminals, which is why prisons are full of men. Gadfly from Olde London Towne on February 03, 2020: males are masters of their destiny yet slaves to there desires ! To keep on repeating what I have previously said. William Bond (author) from England on August 17, 2011: I am shocked and amazed at what you say. You say that "In the west, we already have a partial matriarchy with respect to the base unit of society--the black community in the US, where over 70% of children are raised without fathers. Daniel Defoe, Edgar Alan Poe was educated there. But patriarchy teaches the opposite. You seem to feel that women have existed in a bubble through all of human history. And in many cases seem to make the situation worse, as conflict between different religions and religious sects has caused many wars. Another strawman. We may not like it but last I heard women are human beings as well and I don't think that they should sit back and take the abuse and not get even for the treatment that is brought upon them. Men have a competitive instinct and women have a maternal instinct and these instincts make a big difference in the way men and women behave. And they always say, 'it is the woman's fault'. And it is that type of technology that we desperately need! Do you have any idea the kind of moral hazard involved in putting people in charge whom society is not prepared to hold accountable for their actions? yes, these atrocities were mostly committed by men but that does not mean that the majority of men would want to do such things. Youd have to assume the sexes are identical in order to arrive at that conclusion and you just said about 6 times that theyre not equal.
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